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Santiago Sahli

Atacama Vessel

Atacama Vessel

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The Atacama Desert in Chile is the driest in the world, receiving the least annual rainfall and simultaneously being the largest fog desert on the planet. Its Arid sol soils, found in arid regions with high evaporation rates, have an extremely light, golden hue. From these soils, ceramist Santiago Sahli has extracted minerals applied to the glaze of these pieces, establishing a more identitary and symbiotic connection with the natural heritage of his country. Sahli deliberately fractures the clay, giving importance to the fissure, elevating it as a necessary imprint of what he wishes to convey: roots, the past, composure...


White clay and porcelain slip.
The edges and fractures have been intentionally created by the artist.
Green glaze treated with minerals from the Atacama Desert (Chile).
25 cm (diameter) x 1 cm (height).
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