We love clay. Just like you

For its strength and fragility, for its myriad of colours when fired, all different, and because it brings us closer to our origins, to the place we never wanted to leave. POTT believes in the craft of clay and in how it transforms into something alive beneath the potter's hands. There's nothing quite like feeling the earth's moisture and watching it grow on the wheel.

POTT has spent years learning from all the potters encountered along the way, understanding their craft, and that's why we want to share it through our collections. These are imperfect, unique, brilliant, and thoughtful pieces. None is the same as another. Nothing you find here is molded; everything is created with the impulse and delicacy of hands.

POTT values the fragility of the legacy of this craftsmanship, its timelessness, its history... Because there's hardly anyone who doesn't have a moment in their life connected to a ceramic object. And there's no moment in the day that escapes its strength. From morning till night, we eat, have breakfast, or dine on ceramic pieces. We are more closely tied to this artistic discipline than it seems. As the Italian writer Antonio Porchia said, "I have hardly touched the clay and I am made of clay."

Let us be stained by the earth...

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