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Sergio Guijarro [La Leçon Studios]

Les Assietes En Noir

Les Assietes En Noir

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'Assietes,' in French, is the term for plates, those almost flat surfaces that, due to their everyday use, we don't perceive the complexity of their production (it's not us saying it, it's what all ceramists say). These by Sergio Guijarro (La Leçon Studios) have an irregular wabi style, more relaxed in their crafting, valuing imperfection and artisanal work.

Hand-molded ceramics in two firings.
Food-safe transparent glaze.
Dishwasher, microwave, oven safe; suitable for liquids.
Color Lead, Dark Stone.
Measurements: Diameter 24 cm (approx.), Height: 4 cm.
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