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Nuria Riaza



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The artist Nuria Riaza argues that by working with our hands, repeating ancient gestures, and being in direct contact with raw materials, we create links between the past and the present. In this series of unique pieces crafted on the potter's wheel, her interest in archaeology, geology, and ancient forms is reflected. The result is a collection of bluish vessels that, apart from being used to contain and transport liquids, have another interpretation with a more ritualistic and symbolic character. These pottery water vessels are associated with fertility, abundance, and life cycles.

 Wheel-thrown piece.
Stoneware with added grog and cobalt oxide.
Fired in a two-stage process (980-1260ºC) to provide maximum durability to the piece.
Glossy transparent glaze on the interior and part of the exterior.
Suitable for holding liquids.
Signed and dated at the base.
17.2 x 16 x 8 cm / 300g.
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