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Rubén Mañas

Moon Jar Rukoryo - Horse hair

Moon Jar Rukoryo - Horse hair

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The moon jar, a characteristic type from the Joseon era (1392-1910) in Korea, is formed by two nearly identical clay hemispheres. The joining of both parts, not always visible, is a complex maneuver that showcases the ceramist's skill. Most of these jars are made of porcelain and are regarded as pieces that, although imperfect, bring man closer to nature. They represent simplicity, asceticism, and the purification of the spirit through the deprivation of material pleasures. Ceramist Rubén Mañas learned this technique in South Korea under the guidance of Master Yoo Sung.

White with smoky details.
Grogged stoneware.
Created using the raku technique.
Finished with burnt horsehair.
Diameter: 25 cm / Height: 27 cm. .
Not suitable for holding liquids.
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