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Rubén Mañas

Black Bamboo Vase III

Black Bamboo Vase III

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Legend has it that Japanese bamboo has a unique way of growing. The seed is planted, watered, and cared for, yet nothing happens. So it goes, until seven years pass and it emerges from the ground with a height that can reach 30 meters. Smaller, but with the same attention and delicacy, these vases by the ceramist Rubén Mañas have arisen from the clay. They're a limited edition of varying heights with a marbled appearance.

Red clay.
Piece crafted on a lathe.
Low-temperature glaze.
Once the piece is fired, the glaze with bubbles is applied to create the marble effect.
Matte black with white bubbles.
Height: 26 cm / Diameter: 11,5 cm.
Suitable for holding liquids.


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